5 Steps of How to Burn PS3 Games – Incredible! You Can Keep Your Beloved Games Forever

Do you have problem about your PS3 games have damage? All of gamers have this problem after they play the PS3 games a lot. The game disk will be scratched easily and many gamers have to pay twice for buying the same game. However, do not worry because I will tell you how to burn PS3 games yourself. And you can play your favorite game by using the PS3 backup disc instead of the original.

Firstly, you should know something that I want to explain you is to make legal copies.

You cannot copy game for selling that is illegal. But you can copy PS3 backup disc to play in your private house, it is legal.

5 Steps of How to Burn PS3 Games:

  • 1st step, you must have the special PS3 burning software which is designed to crack the copyright protection on PS3 original disk. There are a few of software that are popular and you can buy easily from the internet, such as “Copy That Game” or “Game Copy Wizard”.
  • 2nd step, install the burning program on your laptop or PC.
  • 3rd step, double clicks the program icon that is shown on desktop for starting the program.
  • 4th step, place the original disk on burner tray, the program will crack the protection and copy the game data.
  • 5th step, insert the empty disk and the program will write all data onto the PS3 backup disk. It is ready and you can play the game by using the backup.

These are 5 steps of how to burn PS3 games, that is very easy and you can do it yourself in a few hours.

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