Understanding The Many Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Never Take Your Consumers For Granted When Utilizing Social Marketing

If they are not ready to engage your customers as equals on the many social networking communities and have a genuine back-and-forth exchange with them, then your efforts to use social media will backfire and bring you the sort of publicity you do not want.

Using a very fundamental scenario, lets say you are going to set up a blog, Facebook Page and also join Twitter as your social marketing strategy.

Facebook allows your company to post updates about services, as well as listing surveys for your customers or even general company notices about events that are happening in your marketplace, and ask questions such as, “How would you like this kind of product?” or “How should we carry out this goal?”

As people grow to be fans of the company, their own friends are alerted, and some will probably follow them there. They engage with the company and each other, and also the page gets to be a social marketing website and having the fans often doing as much marketing as the company.

You Can Compliment Your Social Marketing With A Blog

Social marketing via a company blog involves slightly less back-and-forth communication, yet a blog can be a vital cog in their wider marketing strategy. This is where information about the industry and about new products can be posted in detail and returned to as a reference source. With photos, videos and links to other social networking sites of the company, blog marketing can be entertaining and compelling for customers.

Twitter Is Another Essential Social Marketing Tool

On Twitter, this emphasis on two-way conversation takes on new meaning. Social marketing on this site involves the company blogger being ready to converse with any customer or potential customer on the spot. It will also involve getting to know these people as people, and not just as customers. But most of the new social media sites involve this process to some degree.

A corporate social media strategy is going to establish the company into a whole new relationship with the constituency it hopes to serve and profit from. Only if a company takes this fact seriously will it succeed at reaching those whom it wants to reach.

Social Media Marketing Has To Be Both Ways

I’m sure you would have heard this on a company help line in the past, while your hanging there on hold: “Your call is important to us.” And they know this is just a business marketing strategy to keep them from blowing their stack as they wait forty-five minutes to talk to someone who clearly has no interest in how a product isn’t working as advertised, and who offers little real help.

It may not seem like it now, but that corporate attitude is on its way out, especially as social media marketing continues to grow. Social media will soon be one of the primary marketing tools of all corporations and even small business, which involves a genuine two-way conversation between equals and is absolutely required to see continued growth or these companies will suddenly find themselves losing business.

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