5 iPhone Apps Every Business Person Should Own

As a result of its massive popularity, Apple’s iPhone has become a valuable extension to personal computing. Beyond the novelty applications and interactive games that made this device so popular, there is a vast number of iPhone apps that serve as tools for managing tasks and bridging the gap between traditional methods for managing business and the new and innovative technology of today. Below is a sampling of useful iPhone applications that will make a business person’s life easier and should undoubtedly be included in their arsenal of tools.

Printshare – Printshare is a handy utility app that lets users print photos or documents through WiFi or to any printer that is shared remotely through the service. There’s no need to connect to a network, the software will automatically detect the printers that are available so when you are working from home and your colleagues need that important document printed, it is easy to send it directly to them which eliminates the need for e-mailing or faxing.

Documents to Go – This application is the all-in-one tool for accessing, editing and managing documents of many types. It has support for Microsoft Office products, PDFs, Apple iWorks documents and a variety of other file extensions. Its desktop version easily integrates with 3rd party services like Dropbox, MobileMe and Google Docs and syncs to your phone.

iPunchclock – Track your work related activities with iPunchclock directly on your iPhone. This app can determine where you are located and attach this data to your time sheets which is great for when you are meeting with clients during billable hours. Multi-taskers can manage multiple time sheets at the same time. Reports can be exported to email or shared on Google Docs. Your phone does not need to be on in order for the tracking to continue.

CamCard – CamCard is a like a digital rolodex that makes it easy to save business cards directly on your phone. The phone camera scans the cards into the application. The contact information is extracted from the business cards and stored in the address book. Each card is searchable so that you have all your business contact directly at your fingertips.

OmniFocus – Time management is an issue for most business people. There are often too many tasks to accomplish in any given day. OmniFocus is the epitome in digital time management for busy entrepreneurs on the go. Designed to work with the Getting Things Done system, allows users to record and process ideas and tasks into actionable items. Tasks are easily organized and remain in your inbox until you are ready to complete them. Items can be synced to your Mac or MobileMe account for easy accessibility. The iPhone app can also determine your location to notify you of tasks that need to be done near your current location. It also features voice notes and image captures.

The success of the iPhone smartphone is largely due to the fact that it is a portable digital personal assistant for many business people. Whether you need to track or manage your work related tasks, print documents remotely, or find that contact you met at a networking event months ago, there’s an iPhone app for that.

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