Wristwatches and Cars – A Lasting Connection

The association between watches and cars is, for many people, easy to place. There are women that will roll their eyes and assume it is the ‘gadget appeal’, there are men that will assume it’s about image – while men do not wear fashionable earrings and handbags in the way that women do, the status of a watch, car or jacket proves that fashion is not a one-gender issue.

But the connection goes deeper. And it’s not just a ‘man thing’. Many women, too, will vouch that a love of good cars or bikes and a love of watches make perfect sense to anyone with more than a passing interest in either. Both require considerable expertise to run at their best. Both consist of a myriad of specialist components and need regular maintenance, be it an oil change or a winding. There is something in the craftsmanship of a well-made watch or car that stands out; it’s impossible to just rush the process along and expect anywhere like the same results.

Perhaps that is why so many watch brands have close ties to motor sports. Rolex, among its many sporting connections, is associated with an American championship, the Rolex Sports Car Series, which it has sponsored since 2002. On the other side of the Atlantic, Tissot is the official timer for the Moto GP, Oris sponsors Team Williams in Formula 1, TW Steel sponsors and times the A1GP, Tag Heuer has ambassadors in Formula 1 racers Heikki Kovalainen, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastien Bourdais, and Audemars Piguet also has a presence in the world’s mot famous racing championships, with Jarno Trulli, Rubens Barrichello and Sebastien Buemi all being brand ambassadors. This seemingly comprehensive list just touches the surface – there are many more associations between the two industries than can easily be listed.

One such association missed earlier was Jaeger LeCoultre’s connection to the Le Mans Aston Martin Racing team, which it sponsors. At this year’s race one of the team’s drivers, Harold Primat, was wearing Jaeger LeCoultre’s latest development, the AMVOX2 Chronograph. The only chronograph in the world that doesn’t require push buttons to activate, the AMVOX” Chronograph is activated by pushing the sapphire crystal dial at the 12 o’clock position to stop and star the timer, and pressing the 6 o’clock position to reset. Two limited editions of 100 watches each are being released to celebrate the association between car and watch.

There are a myriad of connections that have nothing to do with racing, too. for example, Breitling has close ties with luxury car manufacturer Bentley, and produce a line of watches designed to reflect the qualities found in their vehicles. Panerai have an affiliation with Ferrari, and have a range of exclusive, high-quality watches which bear the legendary prancing horse and Ferrari name, although they do not sponsor any of the Italian sports car manufacturers’ racing endeavours.

There are connections throughout motoring to the horological world, particularly between luxury watches and sports car companies. And when you boil it down, the link really does become obvious. The degree of luxury in an exquisite sports car and a truly magnificent wristwatch is the same – they are both items that thousands aspire to own.

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Compare Prices on Digital Cameras Before Making Your Purchasing Decision

If you’re thinking of buying your first digital camera, or replacing an old film camera – always make sure you compare prices on digital cameras before you buy. We live in the age of the internet which has meant more and stronger competition, leading to some seriously deep discounting.

There are some amazing deals out there – so shop around and make sure you get the best camera for your hard earned money. Thanks to the internet, the world is quite literally your oyster (more on this in later articles).

Digital cameras are great tools for capturing memories and recording your most treasured moments, and today (and rightly so in my opinion) digital cameras are so much more popular than traditional film cameras – so much so that Kodak gave up making film cameras some time ago even though they still make film.

Most people, and their families, will really benefit from the latest model digital cameras because they now provide the means to take, and send pictures instantly to their friends and family around the world. Professionals have been able to do that for some considerable time, but they will most likely be sending their work, unedited, to editors of newspapers and magazines anywhere on the planet.

You’ll have noticed by now that the latest digital cameras are amazing pieces of technology, but there are many makes and types of digital cameras on the market. To the inexperienced or untutored eye, most of these amazing cameras will look much the same but digital cameras can and will vary quite significantly in features and price.

Fortunately help is at hand – there are many tools on the internet that consumers can use to compare prices on digital cameras before making their purchase.

As you can imagine, amateurs and professionals are going to have different needs when buying a digital camera, but there is information readily available for both groups that will enable them to compare prices digital cameras. This same information will also contain details of the specification of each make and model. The information available on the internet that compares pricing on digital cameras should help them get the exact model they want plus the best value for their money — and as often as not savings of up to 35% is readily available on even the best of makes. The information available to compare prices of digital cameras, and most other photographic accessories, will usually have the exact data on the prices of all the different makes and models of cameras. There is little doubt that price is one of the most important considerations for most consumers.

Digital cameras can range in price from under a hundred dollars for a pocket automatic to several thousand dollars for the top spec pro models.

Savvy Photographic Shoppers Always Compare Prices on Digital Cameras On The Internet

Any information that compares digital cameras should provide information so consumers will not fall into the trap of just buying the cheapest camera which may not meet their needs. This information should also help consumers buy the camera with the best features at the best all inclusive price. Sometimes though, the reverse can be true – the most expensive camera is not always the best camera, so any information that will help you compare prices digital cameras should also provide you with the facts about the quality of the images captured with the camera.

A good review site will have examples of pictures taken under all conditions as there can be a significant difference in the quality of the photos taken with different makes and models of digital cameras. Any information that claims to compare digital cameras should also include a detailed analysis of the reliability of the camera.

For example: A high specification camera is not going to be much good if the batteries run out quickly. People might lose some great photographic opportunities just because the batteries expired before expected. Stopping to buy or change batteries could cause you to lose “the moment” – embarrassing if it’s an important photo shoot like a family wedding or anniversary for example – for that reason the author always uses freshly charged, rechargeable nimh batteries in his cameras.

Price comparison sites also sometimes include consumer reports on the customer service provided by the manufacturer. No one wants to buy a camera that is liable to break down and cannot be fixed easily. Other information should also include details about the weight of the camera. That kind of information could make a significant difference to photographers who don’t want to lug a huge weighty camera on a lightweight camping trip, for example.

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Optimize Your Computer Performance – 4 Steps to Optimize Your Computer

Are you afraid that your computer might have a virus on it, or you cannot stand your computer anymore because it is too slow for you? DonĀ“t worry, I will tell you 4 steps to optimize your computer. Just sit back and relax. Here are some tips for you to have your computer running like a horse!

The first step for you to optimize your computer performance is to understand that your computer needs to be cleaned up regularly. Just imagine that your house is full with unused stuff in it, you will not be able to walk around easily, will you? That is exactly what happens to your computer. When you first bought your computer, it was still very clean without any trash in it. However, after a while, you will unconsciously have your computer stuffed with so many trashes you cannot even remember. Unused programs should be uninstalled otherwise it will slow down your computer performance. You can use a specific uninstaller program to perfectly keep your computer clean.

Secondly, you should check your computer for virus. You might already have an antivirus in your computer, but the fact is that not every antivirus can detect the virus in your computer. There are some troublesome hidden viruses that are really hard to detect. You can have your computer freely scanned from some websites to make sure that your antivirus software really works.

The next important thing is to update your software frequently. Make sure that your automatic updates are running so that your computer will notify you when there is a latest update for your software. This will definitely optimize your computer performance.

This last thing is extremely important for you to know. To keep your private data from hacker, you will have to use an anti spy! You have to make sure that no one can see your private data without your permission. The anti spy program will protect your username, password and important files such as your credit card number, etc.

Here is a list and review of some programs that you can use to optimize your computer performance. I hope it can help you overcome any kind of problem you have. Good luck!

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Monsanto Is Bridging Genetics and Big Data Analytics

Monsanto is bridging genetics and big data analytics by helping farmers leverage technology to improve crop yields at lower cost and risk. Its precision farming platform will allow agribusiness to realize Monsanto’s analytics field of dreams.

Monsanto is at the heart of a growing new field called precision farming. Farmers face increasing pressure to grow more food on their existing fields at lower cost and with less environmental impact. However, with 25-30 major decisions they have to make each year for each one of their fields, maximizing yields is a challenging proposition.

Precision farming is the big data app in agribusiness that also incorporates cloud and mobile computing. And Monsanto is quickly establishing itself as the leader in the field.

On October 2nd, Monsanto announced plans to acquire Climate Corp. for $930 million. Climate Crop.’s analytics technology provides localized weather statistics to help farmers improve productivity. Data is sourced from third parties that track weather patterns on a region-by-region basis. Climate’s software collects, manages and analyzes the weather data, looking for patterns. Of note, the company was founded by software engineers and data scientists from various technology companies, including Google.

Monsanto plans to integrate this technology with its FieldScripts software. FieldScripts helps farmers maximize planting by varying the amount of seed they apply to a patch of land. The software marries Monsanto’s intelligence about genetically modified hybrids with soil data characteristics provided by farmers themselves. This data is then mashed up with seed and farm data. Models are then built using a predictive component that makes spatial yield forecasts that drive algorithms for planting instruction.

Over a year ago, Monsanto acquired Precision Planting Inc. for $250 million. Precision Planting developed software that uses spatial analytics to optimize how far apart and how deep into the soil seeds should be planted.

So now, Monsanto’s Integrated Farming Systems platform will be able to tell farmers what crops to plant in each field, precisely where to plant the seeds, when the best time is to plant, and how much herbicide and pesticide to spray. The company claims it can improve yields by 7%, or 5-10 bushels per acre. Its algorithms are accurate to within 10 square meters.

It gets even cooler

Signs of GE’s Industrial Internet initiative are evident in farm equipment today. New tractors have onboard tablets and navigational systems to enable farmers to populate fields with seeds or fertilizer optimized for local conditions. And pre-empting the automobile industry’s evolution toward self-driving vehicles, these tractors steer themselves based on the data inputs they receive.

With its growing analytics business, Monsanto is transforming itself into a data-driven enterprise while consolidating the market for precision farming technologies. Deeper insights into weather and planting can materially improve crop yields. This intelligence could then be correlated to biotechnology advances to further optimize production. At a briefing with reporters announcing the acquisition, Kerry Preet, the company’s executive vice president of global strategy said, ‘We believe that data science has tremendous potential to boost productivity”.

Monsanto is at the crux of several major technology trends, including big data analytics, cloud and mobility: it brings together genetic and environment data from different databases, uses predictive analytics to create algorithms that are delivered on-demand via the cloud to mobile devices with data visualization tools onboard self-steering tractors. And some people say farming is boring!

It will remain to be seen, however, whether the productivity and economic benefits derived from precision farming can help shift the company’s image of being the Darth Vader of genetically modified crops, such as corn and soybeans. If Monsanto can monetize its early leadership in the field over the next five years, the company’s shareholders won’t care.

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