Xbox 360 Console Games For Christmas 2010

Christmas is the merriest time of the year for most people unless you are one of those who don’t like meeting relatives and getting nagged for running never ending errands. Even if you belong to this group of people, you have something to keep you occupied and happy this Christmas. With this list of top 10 Xbox console games for Christmas 2010, you will be able to have fun with the video games that have given good joy to thousands around the earth. This list contains the video games which has been voted the top and has been on top of the console games chart for quite a bit of time now.

For people who love war games and love the violence in such games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will surely be the best game for you. This game has been setting new console video games sale records and hence is on the peak of the list of top 10 Xbox console games for Christmas 2010.

This is a war game where Russia is put up against America and allied nations and involves an elite and special task force including features like first person shooting, solo campaigns, multi-player special operations and online rivalry. There is also the Assassins Creed 2 which has bettered its predecessor and has a set up of the renaissance Italy of the 15th century and is an excellent action console video game with an absorbing plot.

There is something there for everyone in the world of console games and obviously you will find something to satisfy your needs even in the top 10 Xbox console games for Christmas 2010. If you are a sport buff and a fan of soccer, FIFA 10 is just the best game for you.

Coming up at number 3 in the top 10 Xbox console games for Christmas 2010, this video games inculcates a sense of reality that will surely make you feel as a Ronaldo or a Rooney. With its some modes like the career mode and the manager mode, it gives you the freedom to explore. The sophisticated control and the exemplary visual graphics also add to the overall feel of the game.

At number 4 on the top 10 Xbox console games for Christmas 2010 is the Forza Motor sport 3. It might be impossible for most of us to achieve a drift and hit a acute curve at 100 mph but with the Forza Motor sport 3, you surely be able to live your Schumacher moments. This game provides more than 400 completely customized cars, 100 scenic tracks and some events and challenges which will save you at the edge of your seat.

At number 5 on the list of the top 10 Xbox console games for Christmas 2010 is the Left 4 Dead 2 which is a sequel with better stories and even great ways to kill the zombies-which is the main aim of the game.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City is at number 6 of the top 10 Xbox console games for Christmas 2010. This has two modes of play including the Ballard of Gay Tony and Lost and Damned. In both the modes, you’ll have fun with this game which has gives you to live a dream of being a gang member and a hoodlum.

WWE: Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 is at number 7 which is an awesome wrestling game which gives you to custom create your own Superstar wrestler and challenge fights online. This video game also lets you write your scripts and story lines. If you like wrestling games, this one will surely satisfy your taste.

The number 8 position on the top 10 Xbox console games for Christmas 2010 is occupied by Borderlands. This game is a first person shooting game where 4 people group together to search for a mysterious character on a harsh planet with the help of a large number of weapons.

At number 9 is Need For Speed: Shift which gives the player a realistic experience because of the 3D HUD it incorporates.

The last spot is occupied by DJ Hero which is a game relished by a lot music buffs. With the several turn tables, sliders and the scratching it allows, it lets you control your music like never before.

These are the console games that you would want this Christmas and the best thing is that you can even place an order for them online [] and avoid several trips to the store and searching for the game you need.

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Leading 10 Free Apps for Your iPhone

There are numerous apps for your iPhone and, amazingly, many of them are free. Here is a list of ten of them that I think will enhance the value of your device.

1. Air Video Free
It has the capacity of streaming video from any computer that runs the free Air Video Server but you can only retrieve few items per folder or playlist. However, if you can come up with a careful plan, you will get around this restriction.

2. Dropbox
The Dropbox is a free app that allows you to transfer content between your computer and your device. It is easier to use as you can put the files you want to sync in a folder on your computer and the app on your device will facilitate your access to them.

3. iHandy Level Free
It turns your iPhone into a spirit level and by default it will show you how crooked your device’s accelerometer is but when you hit the calibrate button, you will; get a correct level.

4. Pocket
This app allows you to save pages from websites in order to read them later. It removes all the adverts and other junks on the initial page so that you will be able to read your articles with ease.

5. PCalc Lite
Even though there is a calculator on your device, the PCalc Lite is the most superb free calculator for iOS. It has a great interface and loads of options which makes the default Apple app inferior.

6. iBooks
This app merges a reader and a store in line with Apple’s usually usable and integrated manner. It includes PDF support and can automatically sync across devices.

7. Red Laser
The Red Laser is excellent for checking prices while shopping and will also allow you to move your media collections into Delicious Library if are using AppleScript. Its bar-code scanner is quite precise, even if you are still using an iPhone 3G.

8. Tube Map
Tube Map is a free London Tube map on your gadget and the pictures come out without adverts and if you are connected to the web, the app will also provide live board info, a station finder and a route calculator.

9. Shazam
This is a magical app that tells you which music is playing when you move your device near it. Even tough, Shazam may not be right all the time, downloading it will not be a waste of time.

10. Bump
Bump allows you to transfer details or compare contacts with another Bump-enabled device running iOS. You can select up to four contacts to transfer to the other device at once.

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Understanding The Many Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Never Take Your Consumers For Granted When Utilizing Social Marketing

If they are not ready to engage your customers as equals on the many social networking communities and have a genuine back-and-forth exchange with them, then your efforts to use social media will backfire and bring you the sort of publicity you do not want.

Using a very fundamental scenario, lets say you are going to set up a blog, Facebook Page and also join Twitter as your social marketing strategy.

Facebook allows your company to post updates about services, as well as listing surveys for your customers or even general company notices about events that are happening in your marketplace, and ask questions such as, “How would you like this kind of product?” or “How should we carry out this goal?”

As people grow to be fans of the company, their own friends are alerted, and some will probably follow them there. They engage with the company and each other, and also the page gets to be a social marketing website and having the fans often doing as much marketing as the company.

You Can Compliment Your Social Marketing With A Blog

Social marketing via a company blog involves slightly less back-and-forth communication, yet a blog can be a vital cog in their wider marketing strategy. This is where information about the industry and about new products can be posted in detail and returned to as a reference source. With photos, videos and links to other social networking sites of the company, blog marketing can be entertaining and compelling for customers.

Twitter Is Another Essential Social Marketing Tool

On Twitter, this emphasis on two-way conversation takes on new meaning. Social marketing on this site involves the company blogger being ready to converse with any customer or potential customer on the spot. It will also involve getting to know these people as people, and not just as customers. But most of the new social media sites involve this process to some degree.

A corporate social media strategy is going to establish the company into a whole new relationship with the constituency it hopes to serve and profit from. Only if a company takes this fact seriously will it succeed at reaching those whom it wants to reach.

Social Media Marketing Has To Be Both Ways

I’m sure you would have heard this on a company help line in the past, while your hanging there on hold: “Your call is important to us.” And they know this is just a business marketing strategy to keep them from blowing their stack as they wait forty-five minutes to talk to someone who clearly has no interest in how a product isn’t working as advertised, and who offers little real help.

It may not seem like it now, but that corporate attitude is on its way out, especially as social media marketing continues to grow. Social media will soon be one of the primary marketing tools of all corporations and even small business, which involves a genuine two-way conversation between equals and is absolutely required to see continued growth or these companies will suddenly find themselves losing business.

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An Amateur’s Guide to Surviving a Tornado

How a Tornado forms

A tornado is a violent, dangerous, rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud. They are often referred to as a twister or a cyclone. ~Wikipedia

That is a great description of a tornado. What is it exactly? It is the violent updraft of a thunderstorm, usually a Supercell thunderstorm.

Even though we cannot properly distinguish tornado generating storms from not, there are specific Tornadogenesis patterns. The cycle begins when a strong thunderstorm develops a rotating mesocyclone a few miles up in the atmosphere. As rainfall in the storm increases, it drags with it an area of quickly descending air known as the Rear Flank Downdraft. This powerful downdraft drags down the mesocyclone to near surface areas. As the mesocyclone lowers below the cloud base, it begins to take in cool, moist air from the downdraft region of the storm. This convergence of warm air in the updraft, and this cool air, causes a rotating wall cloud to form in the already rotating airmass.

The Rear Flank Downdraft slowly chokes the mesocyclone, causing it to take in smaller and smaller area of air. A funnel cloud forms within minutes of the mesocyclone descending.

A tornado will grow as long as there is warm moist air feeding the updraft, but as the RFD slowly wraps around the mesocyclone, it weakens and slowly dissipates. A tornado is still dangerous in this stage, whether its touching the ground or not.

The visible parts of a tornado is formed by condensation of moisture within the funnel and flying debris from the ground below. The violently twisting columns of air is not visible. Thus a tornado that have yet to visibly touch down can still deal tremendous damage to objects below

How to spot a tornado

All that knowledge is useless unless you know what to look for.

Sign #1: Severe Thunderstorm Tornadoes form from severe thunderstorms. It is usually accompanied with heavy rain, hail and lightning.

Sign #2: Rotating wall clouds or funnel clouds Rotating wall clouds and funnel clouds originate from the lowering down of the mesocyclone, almost a certain sign of a tornado developing or approaching.

Sign #3: Green skies. When, in the middle of a thunderstorm, you see that the dark sky is turning green, it could be a sign of tornado formation. Green tinted storm clouds are the result of dense moisture in the atmosphere reflecting/refracting green light. My theory is that the RFD contains enough moisture to cause such reflection, and the green is a sign of the downdraft touching down.

Sign #4: Tornado watch. A tornado watch is issued when conditions are right for a tornado to form. Since any thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado is defined as severe, a tornado watch is also automatically a severe thunderstorm watch

Sign #5: Flying debris in the air. A tornado may pick up debris on its way to your house.

Sign #6: Calm period after heavy rain and/or hail This signals the passing of the RFD and the beginning of the mesocyclone updraft area. It is often referred to as a rain free base a portion of the lower storm base that is, well, precipitation free.

These are numerous signs, and you don’t need all of them, and you may not see any of them, but the best bet is that you will encounter a few of these signs before coming in contact with a tornado.

Tornado Safety Rules

Do’s, don’ts and never’s of tornado survival- this is what you need to know.


  • Go to the basement or take shelter in a small interior ground floor room such as a bathroom, closet or hallway.
  • Stay away from windows, outside walls and doors.
  • If possible, find shelter in another building if you are in a gymnasium, church or auditorium. If you are in one of these buildings and cannot leave, take cover under a sturdy structure such as a table or desk.
  • Get as close to the ground as possible, protect your head and watch for flying debris


  • Take shelter under a bridge or overpass.
  • Remain in a vehicle or mobile home.
  • Attempt to ‘stablize pressure’ by opening windows.
  • Dive for the southwest corner of your basement, just find some good shelter.


  • Attempt to outrun a tornado in a motor or other vehicle.
  • Keep on walking or driving because ‘what are the chances’.
  • Take open shelter close to a hill or lake because ‘tornadoes don’t hit lakes’.
  • Attempt to photograph an oncoming tornado.
  • Chase tornadoes.

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